Meet Grant

Passionate, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable – in that order.

Get to know Grant Elledge, CEO & head tutor

A 2014 Penn State Chemical Engineering and Schreyer Honors College graduate with distinction, Grant has spent more time tutoring than just about anything in life – and he's interested in a lot of things. Very few things get him as animated as explaining why a concept has a particular application and how they connect!

The foundational principles of UpGrade – loving kindness, holistic care, high ethics, and quality work – are grounded in Grant's view of the world. His faith is extremely central to his life, perhaps most notably in the way he rejects a utilitarian, ends-justify-the-means view of the world. You'll see this also in the words we use to keep our foundational principles in view: who, to remember to care about people; and why, to remember that what we do matters and to make those important conceptual connections.

Technically, Grant has experience beyond just Chemical Engineering coursework because of his pursuit of a double major while at Penn State (which just got crowded out by those other interests!) As a result of over a decade and more than 3000 hours of tutoring experience, his subject aptitude has increased even further, in depth and breadth. But most importantly, Grant has grown immensely in his ability to build rapport with students grounded in a quiet confidence and a perceptiveness of students' personal and academic needs.

Originally from Lancaster County, PA, Grant now resides 45 minutes up the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg City with his wife and sons. In addition to tutoring and leading UpGrade, you'll find Grant working on all sorts of unique projects that have even less to do with chemical engineering, at least at first glance: mentoring and networking with fathering.me, living and learning with United House Church, and coding at HOPE International.